Hello and welcome to my blog.

Martin Marprelate is my Nom de Plume.   This is a Christian Blog promoting the truth of the Bible and the Reformed faith.

I am an elder of a little evangelical church in South West England, and an itinerant preacher in some of the tiny Reformed churches and Gospel Halls in the area.  I am a subscriber to the London 1689 Baptist Confession of faith.  I have been married to Mrs Marprelate for over 30 years and have three grown-up children.

The blog falls into three main categories:  there are comments on current events from a Christian perspective; there are transcriptions of sermons that I have given over the years (including series on the New Birth, Revelation, and 2 Chron 7:14), and there are articles on the subject of revival, which we in Britain so desperately need the Lord to bring.

The picture is of St. Cadmarch’s Church in Llanammarch Wells, Mid Wales, with the staue of John Penry in the foreground.   Penry campaigned for the freedom of the Church in the reign of Elizabeth I and is widely believed to have been the author of the ‘Marprelate tracts.’  You can find out more about him here:-


or about Martin Marprelate here:-



  1. Sir

    I see you have quoted my work – I thank you.

    Have you seen my other books

    David H.J.Gay: The Gospel Offer is Free

    David H.J.Gay: Particular Redemption and The Free Offer

    David H.J.Gay: Infant Baptism Tested

    David H.J.Gay: Septimus Sears: A Victorian Injustice and Its Aftermath

    David H.J.Gay: Baptist Sacramentalism: A Warning To Baptists

    Best wishes


  2. In America, we have militant groups known as the “Christian Militia” who are offshoots from mostly Dispensation belief systems. They use “Dispy” battle crys for Israels freedom & right wing banners proclaiming the U.S.A Constitutional rights as battle cries. Sometimes disgruntled ex military from the Iraq & Afghan wars elect to join in & train these groups. It is is a growing phenomenon in the USA & when economic pressures build & come to a head I fear they will erupt so instead of the local street violence you see in the UK, it will be escalated to these types (heavily armed & spoiling for a fight). What would you recommend to tap this down before it comes to a head? Do I start reading Josephus for clues….LOL

    Thanks & Blessings

  3. Hello Steve,
    Thanks for writing, though I scarcely know what to recommend to you. The problem in the USA is the prevalence of firearms, so if you get riots on a similar scale to England, you are likely to have a bloodbath.

    I hope to write on the riots in England shortly. They are a result of the decline of Christianity in the UK, even of the most nominal kind. How many potential rioters were dissuaded from their course of action by a fear of hell? Few indeed, I imagine. ‘There is no fear of God before their eyes’ (Rom 3:18).

    I can only recommend praying the prayer of Jehoshaphat (2Chron 20:12) and preaching the pure word of God.

  4. The problem in the USA is the prevalence of firearms

    Nope. Actually, it’s sin. 😉

    Why do you attribute US violence to guns, but (rightly) attribute UK riots to sin?

  5. I attribute both to sin, but the USA has a problem with its gun laws. If guns had been as plentiful in Britain during the riots as they are in America, there would have been a bloodbath.

  6. “…problem Gun Laws”

    Because criminals follow and respect gun laws? So if we pass more laws to disarm the innocent, criminals will magically obey the laws?

    We’ve had our share of riots here without bloodbaths. One that comes to mind are the Rodney King LA riots, where Korean storekeepers prevented violence through their public display of guns as a deterrent.

    The last time anyone tried to take away Americans’ guns, Lexington Green was the result.

    More importantly, however, is what the Word says. Can you demonstrate to me from Word the biblical precedent and justification for citizen disarmament? The only example I can find is the Philistines’ disarmament of the Hebrews. Government’s job is to punish evil and protect good, not punish the good because of the evil.

  7. Come, come, Justin,
    Can you find a Bible text commanding that all citizens in Israel should be armed with semi-automatic weapons? My knowledge of American history is not great, but I don’t recall that the compilers of the Bill of Rights were all evangelical Christians who took their legislation entirely from the word of God.

    However, America is your country, not mine. I would not have addressed this topic if your compatriot, Steve D had not asked my opinion. Go in peace, brother, and stack yourself out with all the military hardware you want, if that’s what you think God would have you do.

  8. Justin, if you know sin is the problem, why would you want to arm sinners with lethal weapons?

    I live in America and I can tell you that this obsession of having the need to own a gun (let alone a semi-automatic!) is only specific to the American culture, certainly not rooted in Biblical teaching. Americans would rather find safety in guns rather find safety in their faith in Christ. Such thoughts are carnal.

    Of all people that needed protecting were Christians of the early church and yet never once has Paul commanded them to arm themselves and collect lethal weapons to protect themselves. Instead, he reminded them continuously to look to Christ FOR EVERYTHING and that this world that they were living in was something temporary; that our true home is at the city of God (which btw doesn’t have a US zip code!) which is eternal.

    Remember, fear not the one who can kill the body, but fear the one who can kill and send your soul to hell. Look to Christ for everything rather than the false security that a gun can give you.

  9. Not even UK Police carry guns. Had they been allowed there would have been much more bloodshed on our streets.

  10. As an American, I think I can see both sides of the argument. A gun is merely a tool available to Americans through a constitutional right. The only people who want to take guns away are those who deny the fact that it is criminals, not guns , that kill people. The supposition that if UK police carried guns, there would be a bloodbath is only supposition. We recently had riots and the armed police were told to ” stand down” and give rioters room to destroy their neighbor’s property. Where armed vigilantes stood guarding, property no property was destroyed. When they were asked to leave ( by armed police) those properties were destroyed. The only people killed by guns were killed by criminals, not armed police or vigilantes, but by rioters, the criminal element.
    I own guns, and I believe that God is still on the throne, even in the face of our nation deteriorating not only as a nation of believers in Christ, but our personal liberties as well. If someone, a criminal breaks into my house and desires to do harm to my wife or daughter, if I can get to my gun, I will use it as a tool to defend my family, but I pray that it will never happen.
    The hand of God’s blessing has been on America since it’s inception ( remember when it won independence from a certain OTHER Christian nation?). But I see a sort of ” cosmic baseball game”…( Please excuse the use of American game). America took God out of our schools… Strike one. Abortion rights were given , which to me is as the spirit of Molech, sacrificing our children to be burned… Strike two. And this past week the judges have proclaimed God’s perfect idea of marriage as subordinate to man’s law. Will this be strike three, we are out ( of God’s hand of blessing)? There could never be a worse time to give over our liberties than now.
    God bless all of you, and me! We will need it.

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