Posted by: stpowen | June 24, 2015


Mark 1:18. ‘They immediately left their nets and followed Him.’

May I first of all apologize to my longsuffering reader for the extreme paucity of posts recently? I especially regret that I have not been able to continue my intended series of articles on ‘The People’s Reformation.’ I had expected to have retired by now and to have increased time for research and posting, but it was not to be…..


At long last, Martin Marprelate will be giving up his day job and, God willing, be free to concentrate on the Lord’s work and on entertaining, educating and encouraging the blog-reading Christian public. On Friday, he will be a free man.



  1. May you have a long, healthy, and blessed retirement. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Thank you, Marcia, for your kind words.
    I hope to be posting again from next week.

  3. Good for you, Steve. I’ve followed you for some time, now, and especially benefitted from your series on the covenants.

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