Posted by: stpowen | May 3, 2015

The Issue Nobody is Talking about at This Election

Proverbs 22:6. ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.’

Matthew 19:14. ‘Let the little children come to Me…..’

‘Said the swallow to the sparrow,

“I should really like to know

Why these foolish human beings

Rush about and worry so.”


Said the sparrow to the swallow,

“Well I think that it must be

That they have no Heavenly Father

Such as cares for you and me.”’

There is much excitement in Britain at present among the political aficionados, with the General Election only a week away and no side having any real advantage. So many promises are being made to bribe the electors with their own money that it is evident that whoever wins, taxes will have to rise steeply to fund them.

However, there is one issue that is a major problem for every secondary school and many primary schools, which is affecting tens of thousands of children, but which does not seem to have appeared on the radar of our politicians. It is the problem of our children’s mental health. Over 50,000 school-children have been hospitalized in the past year due to self-harm. There is a fetish, promoted on social network sites like Facebook, of young people of both sexes cutting themselves. The figure of 50,000 is likely to be the tip of a very large iceberg of children whose self-injury is not serious enough for them to need hospitalization.

Then there is the question of suicide. Over 30% of children questioned admit to having had thoughts of suicide. This is apparently tied in with a poor body image, especially, but not exclusively, among young girls. There is nothing very new in this last problem. During World War II, C. S. Lewis wrote in his book, The Screwtape Letters that one of the devil’s greatest achievements was to establish a standard of female beauty and body shape to which the vast majority of young women could not aspire. With the advent of ‘photo-shopping’ and social media this problem has become much more serious, and no longer confined to females. One has only to look at the front pages of the various ‘Men’s Health’ magazines to see pictures of muscle-bound males that would be impossible for young men to emulate without resorting to steroids or other nefarious substances.

Then we have the epidemic of sexually-transmitted diseases among our young people. The number of teenage pregnancies has gone down recently due to the ‘morning after’ pill and other contraceptive innovations, but STDs remain at appallingly high levels. The recent cases of grooming and sexual exploitation of young girls in care by (mostly) Pakistani men have been well publicized, but promiscuity among children under 16 is rampant and so long as no one becomes pregnant, no one gets too concerned. Again, social media plays a role in this. Children are easily able to get images of the most unnatural and degraded pornography on their mobile ‘phones or computers.

Are all these problems related, and is there a cause for it all? Of course! Our children are being taught that life has no meaning, that they have evolved from bits of slime and have no ultimate destiny save to return to slime. Therefore they feel that they have no intrinsic worth. Increasingly they are likely to have home lives that have been fractured by divorce, and are therefore likely to feel that no one loves them and to lack proper role models for how men and women should relate to one another. In ‘Relationships’ teaching, as sex education is now being called, children are being told not to start having sex until ‘they feel ready for it’ but no one is telling them when that is, and of course homosexual relationships are promoted as just as valid as heterosexual ones. Our young people are being taught that there is no authority outside of themselves. Their lives are miserable and meaningless and they relive that misery by cutting themselves or by indulging in meaningless sexual relationships which make them feel guilty without knowing why. At the same time, British Moslem youth have come to despise this nation as they see the drunkenness and promiscuity of so many of their peers in this so-called Christian country. Since their religion gives them no assurance of salvation, they are easy prey for those who would enlist them for jihad, the one way that they think will get them into Paradise.

We have sown the wind in Britain with our atheistic culture and now we are reaping the whirlwind. Is there any way back? Is there anything that politicians could do? Well they could make a start by finding a way to control the internet. If China and North Korea can control what their citizens see, then surely our Government is able to get rid of the endless flow of filth online? Surely they can require social media businesses to use some of their profits to police their output effectively? That would be a start. Then they could take sex and relationship teaching out of the hands of abortion providers and promotors of homosexuality and in to the hands of those who will promote marriage as the only proper place for sex. Finally they could take steps through the taxation and benefits regime to encourage men and women to get married before having children and to remain together.   Is any political party even remotely likely to do any of this?  No, they are not.  Would it really help if, by some miracle, they did?  Well maybe a little, but the country needs a change far more radical than anything that politicians can do.

The most important thing that needs to be done is to teach our young people that the Universe did not come about by chance; that they have been created for a high and noble purpose, namely, to glorify God; that they are not unloved, and whether or not they have a father at home, they have a heavenly Father who cares for them and sent His only begotten Son to suffer and die for the helpless and hopeless, people just like them; that their bodies and minds are not their own to abuse in various ways, but belong to the One who formed them in the womb.  In short, they need to be told about the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and of His love for the lost.

How can all this be done? Not by politicians, that’s for sure! It can be done by ordinary Christians offering to take school assemblies, by Gideons handing out New Testaments to school-children or to University students, including Moslem ones and by churches taking up the challenge to start Sunday Schools again, finding out when the children will come and arranging things accordingly. Most of all it means Christians praying without ceasing that doors will be opened for effective ministry and that the Holy Spirit will come down upon this poor land in power once more to turn the hearts of the people back to Christ. Politicians cannot save this country; only God can do it. ‘O Israel, you are destroyed, but your help is from Me. I will be your King; where is any other?’ (Hosea 13:9-10a).


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