Posted by: stpowen | January 21, 2015

So Much for the ‘Judeo-Christian Heritage’

Jeremiah 5:2. ‘Though they say, “As surely as the LORD lives,” surely they swear falsely.’
Mark 7:6. “As it is written, ‘This people honours Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me.”

You can tell that there’s an election coming. Politicians are looking to bond with various sections of society, and the Conservatives, having upset many Christians over same-sex ‘marriage,’ are eager to mend fences. So we have heard Eric Pickles declare again, against all evidence, that Britain is a Christian country, and David Cameron announce that he is a Christian. It’s a wonder his nose isn’t longer than Pinocchio’s! We have also had Nigel Farage talking about the ‘Judeo-Christian heritage’ of Britain and its importance. Christian votes are being sought.

But in the last day or two we have found out exactly what the Judeo-Christian heritage is worth today. A Christian magistrate, Richard Page, has been ‘severely rebuked’ by the Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling for stating, in a private session during an adoption hearing, that as a Christian, ‘He thought it was better for a child to be part of a traditional family.’ You can read the Daily Mail account “here” . Mr. Page has been suspended from all family cases and required to attend some rather sinister-sounding ‘equality training.’

Now it is a common-place that children thrive best when they have both a mother and a father present in the home. Study after study has proved this time and again. Nor is it specifically a Christian viewpoint; Jewish, Moslem or Sikh magistrates would have said the same thing, as would many secular folk. But this does not matter; the needs of the child must be subjugated to the homosexual juggernaut and the right of same-sex couples to be just like their heterosexual peers. And anyone who gets in the way of this is to be slapped down, especially if the name of Christ is invoked.

Magistrates are required to take an oath, in which they promise, ‘…… do right to all manner of people…..without fear or favour, affection or ill will… help me God.’ But Mr. Page, seeking God’s help to do right to an abandoned child, has paid the penalty. So let Christians in Britain learn their place. They are Dhimmi in their own land. They may have their religion just so long as they keep it within their churches. But actually to live out their Christian profession within the public sphere and to justify their views or decisions with the name of Christ will not be tolerated.


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