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Euro Elections

Exodus 18:21. ‘Moreover, you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness, and place such…….to be rulers.’

‘The most important thing is politics is sincerity; and if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.’ Anonymous American politician.

‘Those are my principles, sir, and if you don’t like them………I have others.’ Groucho Marx.

Tomorrow is the date for elections for the European parliament. Naturally the whole nation is agog waiting for Martin Marprelate to tell it how to vote.

Martin does not believe that any Christian should vote Conservative. David Cameron fails on at least two of the qualifications listed in Exodus 18:21. Firstly, he is a proven and blatant liar. Just a few days before the 2010 General Election he was asked on Sky T.V. about same-sex marriage. “We have no plans to introduce that,” he replied. Secondly, he does not fear God. He has not hesitated to legislate that which God tells us he hates. Martin also has doubts about his ability. Under his leadership, Britain is undoubtedly heading for another unsustainable boom which will be followed by another bust within the next few years. Remember you read it here first.

Do any of the other candidates seem more promising? Not really; both Labour and the Liberal Democrats supported same-sex marriage and voted it through without any reference to the people. Moreover, they are more likely to support the E.U. social agenda which is deeply anti-Christian. Martin has no illusions about U.K.I.P. and Nigel Farage. In the unlikely event of him coming to power, Martin sees no reason to suppose that he will prove more trustworthy than the others, and some of his pronouncements on immigration have been rather worrying, but nonetheless, Martin will be voting U.K.I.P., partly to remind the other parties that they cannot presume upon the British people any more, and partly because U.K.I.P. was the one party that opposed same-sex marriage, a position it has not yet retracted.

However, Martin will have no criticism for anyone who goes into the polling booth an writes “None of the Above” on his voting slip.

‘It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes [or politicians]’ (Psalm 118:9).



  1. This old boy agrees with much of what wise old Martin says but is concerned that much of what is passed by populist government politicians is simply what they see as the vote winning expectations of the general public. I am shocked by some of their dictates but they have only heard isolated (rabid; they would say!) voices speaking against. They have the whole of the media especially the BBC whispering in their ears and the general public convincing them that sin is good.
    Politicians are simply a confused people who really want to do what gains votes and they know nothing of righteousness therefore their decisions are just what the media and the pressure groups want.
    John Wesley (sorry to quote an Arminian on this blog)is reported to have said that “the world at its worst needs the church at its best.” Sadly the world is at a very low ebb but so is the church. Governments do not lead they are led by popular opinion, the gospel changes people and then also popular opinion is changed. It is sad to say that the country has got the government it deserves and so it must follow that the church has equally got the government that it deserves.
    Gospel preaching I would say is paramount to our countries greatest need, like Mr Whitefield ( a far better example in my opinion) we need to preach a passionate gospel with much prayer support in the hope that whatever government we find ruling the country might be sanctified in heart and soul.

    Thanks Martin and keep on blogging.

  2. Dear Martin,

    Your flight into extreme right-wing EU political recommendation surprised me. Britain did not suffer from Nazi occupation as most of the European states did and does not seem to realize that most Europeans wish to avoid any brand of Ultra Conservatism, racism and intolerance so as not to sink into the morass of the past.

    Britain, of course, does need a new attitude to Europe, but is the NKIP equal to the task? The UKIP reminds us of Britain’s Oswald Mosley’s days and her present complaint that Britain is ruled by EU law is typical of the hypocrisy Mosely dished out. Everyone (else) knows that though Britain represents merely four per cent of EU voters, thanks to her gigantic lobby, she drives through over thirteen per cent of EU laws. Remember, it is legal in the EU to bribe politicians. The British government’s directive in Brussels is to keep Britain in the E.U. to hold the door open for free-trade with the U.S. including providing them with European electronic communications data. Big business has more thump than the ballot box and the planned 2017 British vote on the E.U. is jeered at. The majority of anti-Christian laws made in Brussels are, indeed, British made and, here, the German Evangelicals find them most disturbing, especially Sunday trading and lax moral standards. Instead of Britain reforming herself, Britain now complains that she is not taken notice of enough in Europe and demands – and gets- special bonus treatment. So what can the UKIP offer Britain to make her a better Britain and/or clean-up Europe? Nothing whatsoever! Her policy renders her clearly a traitor to the Christian cause as she has plundered the old parties of their good policies and boasts that she represent true traditional, Christian Britain but has added poisonous substances to the raisins in her political cake which kill off any good, making U.K.I.P. the most deceptive, self-contradictory and dangerous of parties. She is thus bad for both Britain and Europe.

    The British Blood and Honour Network has striven to promote fascist rebellion in Europe and is now banned in many European countries, including Germany (2000). Europe does not want any more British extremists who join them to corrupt or disband them. If Britain wishes to leave Europe and become another US state, she is welcome to go back into ‘splendid isolation’ but then she will not survive without Europe. The US will quickly drop Britain as her only use to the States now is to keep the European door open for them. Fearing this, the Americans are already searching for alternatives, especially in former Eastern Europe, I would thus think that voting for any of the traditional ‘People’s Parties’ you mention, whether Right or Left, would be better for Britain. Your policy of condemning the NKIP outwardly yet voting for them because of your inner frustration appears thus to be political suicide and a revolt against the Christian faith.

    Yours sincerely,


  3. George,
    I found your post both personally insulting and also ignorant of British politics in equal measure. You will be pleased to hear that the ‘extreme right-wing’ party in the U.K. (the B.N.P.) lost both its seats in the European Parliament, in contrast to the situation in France and elsewhere.

    When Lord’s Day trading was introduced in Britain, we were told that it was to keep in step with the E.U. I can’t help noticing that all the counting in the European election and the announcement of the result took place on the Lord’s Day, something that has never happened in a U.K. election before.

    You fail to mention any of the ‘poisonous substances’ which U.K.I.P. is supposed to have introduced into British politics, so that part of your post is not worthy of a reply. I see nothing Christian in the E.U. as an institution, and you have not informed me of anything in your post. That there are many fine Christians in Europe is understood, but British Christians can continue to have fellowship with them in or out of the E.U.

    The idea of a European power block has been overtaken by events. The socialist policies of the E.U. have resulted in Europe falling economically behind several other countries, just as its anti-Christian policies have meant that it has not benefitted from the great revivals going on in Asia, Africa and South America, and these situations will continue and increase so long as the E.U. continues in its present form. I am delighted to note that the anti-E.U. party in Germany went from zero to 7% of the vote there, so perhaps we shall see real organic change beginning in Europe in response to the people’s will.

    I leave you with a quotation from Winston Churchill. “We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked, but not combined; we are interested and associated, but no absorbed. If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea.”

  4. Dear Brother Martin,

    Thank you for your Gilbert for my Roland.

    I am sad that you feel insulted. My intention was to assist you in obtaining a more balanced view of the Christian in politics. It may be that there are areas of British politics where I am a novice but I find areas where I appear to be much better informed than those who vote for UKIP merely out of frustration, thus accepting extreme views dishonouring to the gospel. I am certainly far more in the know than you about British activities in Europe through my own background in German governmental employment and through family members in high political places. From what you say, British voters have been conned by their spokesmen for years. To find the true Britain in Europe, perhaps you should consult Continental European, African and North American press agencies.

    The crux of our difference is that you recommend voting for a party, which you condemn, merely to show frustration against the other parties. I quote: ‘Martin will be voting U.K.I.P., partly to remind the other parties that they cannot presume upon the British people any more.’ You find me insulting because I find this counter-productive. Sadly, Britain will not follow Churchill’s sound advice as they prefer big business in Europe to the open sea, now that they no longer rule the waves. Nevertheless, a revival of the old Churchill and Powel stubborn spirit would do Britain and the fickle and untrustworthy UKIP Party a world of good.

    Yours for more gospel and less political fantasies and fables,


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