Posted by: stpowen | January 12, 2014

Marriage- Killed by Fairytale?

Hebrews 13:4. Marriage is honourable among all, and the bed undefiled.’

Martin never thought that he would find himself in agreement with the former Arch-druid of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, but his recent comments on marriage are very apropos.

Marriage was given by God to mankind right at the beginning of time (Gen. 2:20-25; Matt. 19:4-6) before ever there was a division into saved and unsaved; it is His gift to all people, and its blessings have been shown very clearly by all sorts of statistics. It is especialy clear that children thrive best when brought up in a family by their two natural married parents, but other figures show the benefits to the couple who are likely to be happier, better off, healthier and to live longer.

However, the hideous cost of the modern wedding is either causing couples to abandon the whole idea, or saddling them and their parents with huge and unnecessary debts. Even the ‘stag’ and ‘hen’ parties are now a matter of vast expense. It is not enough for the bride and groom to get blind drunk at a local pub or night club before the wedding; now they must travel to Benedorm or Fuerteventura to do the very same thing.

Marriage is too important to be left to the mercy of the marketing agents of wedding shops and hotels. All that is needed for a perfectly valid wedding is a bride, a groom, an official and two witnesses. Anything else is an optional extra. There is no evidence that expensive weddings produce happier marriages; my own observations lead me to suspect that the reverse may be the truth.



  1. I recently came across this article from the Marriage Foundation.

    It is heart-breaking to observe that 49% of children will experience the break-up of their parents’ relationship before their 15th birthday.

    It is remarkable that of the 51% whose parents will still be together, only 5% will have parents who are not married. Despite all the talk of divorce rates increasing, marriage remains by far the best hope for a stable home-life for children.

  2. Hi Martin,
    Marriage, that great institution. In the last 7 years, I can happily report that I was privileged to walk 2 daughters down the aisle to give them away to 2 fine Christian men. I will also see my son this year take hold of another man’s daughter who gets to give away his Christian daughter.
    The real issue about marriage today isn’t in my view, the lost traditions, the cost, the extravagance, and the divorce rate. It’s simply, the enemy has manipulated the very fabric or core of that sacred tradition. Marriage in the U.K. can no longer be called sacred because it is no longer an exclusive act between a man and a woman.

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