Posted by: stpowen | October 26, 2013

20th Century History of Reformed Baptists in the USA

Tom Chantry has been posting some most interesting facts about the beginnings of the Reformed Baptist movement in the USA. Details can be found here:

I cannot comment on the veracity of these postings, but Tom is the son of the famous Walt Chantry and is therefore in a position to know more than most. I was particularly interested in thechapter about Al Martin. As a very new Christian, I bought some second-hand cassette tapes of Martin’s sermons. They were rather old and the sound quality was dreadful, but they made a great impression upon me To call his preaching ‘intense’ is something of an understatement; I could imagine the congregation cowering in their seats at various points in his sermons! Yet they were biblically-based and full of meat. No one could fail to grow as a Christian by listening to him.


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