Posted by: stpowen | October 1, 2013

‘Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert’

Psalm 107:15-16. ‘Oh, that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of Men! For He has broken the gates of bronze, and cut the bars of iron in two.’

I have just finished reading ‘he Secret thoughts of an unlikely convert’ by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield (Crown & Covenant Publications. ISBN 978-1-884527-38-8). For those who aren’t aware, the book is the biography of a lady who was a University lecturer and somewhat militant lesbian activist, who was saved and has become the wife of a Presbyterian Minister in an very conservative Reformed denomination and the (adoptive) mother of four children.

I think the book is important on a number of levels:
Firstly, it is a wonderful example of Irresistible Grace. There was no way that this woman was ever going to become a Christian outside of the Almighty power of God.
Secondly, it shows how most Christian interaction with the homosexual community falls woefully short. I trust that none of us has any sympathy with the ‘God hates fags’ brigade, but Mrs Butterfield recounts how she and her homosexual friends were bonded together by the feeling of being persecuted and how they despised the aggressive attitudes of many Christians. She wore a tee-shirt inscribed, “Lord, save me from your people.” It was a kind and friendly letter from a Pastor that piqued her interest and got her to spend time with him and his wife.
Thirdly, it shows how patient discussion and teaching can, under God, turn even the most unlikely people into absolutely dedicated converts.
Fourthly, it shows how very hard it is to leave a community where you feel safe and accepted. Mrs Butterfield describes her conversion as a ‘train wreck.’ Every part of her life and attitudes had to change through 360 degrees. Her testimony shows up ‘easy-believism’ for the sham it is.
Finally, it demolishes the lie put out by the homosexual lobby that sexual inclinations are unalterably fixed at birth. This lady is the living proof of the opposite.

Mrs. Butterfield’s support of infant baptism and exclusive Psalmody will not impress us too much, but many of her insights will be very helpful to those who seek to reach out to the homosexual community.

My advice to all pastors and people concerned to reach out to homosexuals is, Get the book.



  1. Thanks for this!
    Also there is the book: ‘Setting Love in Order”
    Hope and Healing for the homosexual.
    Author: Mario Bergner.
    ISBN: 1 85424 318 7


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  3. Thanks so very much for this book review. I bought the book last night on Kindle and am almost finished now. It is not only a fascinating read but it is of vital importance to me in my current situation. The book is both academic and informative. It is not always an easy read but it is a fine example of what Christian testimony ought to be. It is self-abasing without any “Uriah Heep” type of humility, there is very little sordid detail of a colourful past. What there is, is a wonderful Christ exalting account of conversion and the difficulties when 2 worlds collide. It is so very helpful as we are in contact with those in same sex relationships as it reveaks the heart of one who was in such a relationship. Parts of the account break your heart as you read of a transevestite who professes to have believed but is locked into a body that he cannot bring under submission to Christ. The most amazing thing after the conversion of the author is that a Pastor and his wife were so concerned for her that they sacrificially gave of themselves to her and in turn the church followed their leading in accepting person who to many evangelicals in the USA is a lost pariah. Their example is inspiring.
    Thank you, Steve, for reviewing this and I am sure that it will be of benefit to many Christians as they learn from its important pages.

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