Posted by: stpowen | August 20, 2013

Four Years of Martin Marprelate

Proverbs 25:26. ‘A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring or a polluted well.’

Tomorrow marks the fourth birthday of the Martin Marprlate Blog.
This has been by far the most succesful in respect of visitors. This time last year, there had been an average of about 3,350 ‘hits’ each year. This year alone there have been almost 10,000, making an average of over 20 per day in the last year and 13.5 over all. I have had visitors from more than 80 countries, more than a third of all the nations of the world. Thank you all for your support and interest. I hope that at least some of you have found blessing, help or instruction.

The most popular topics by far have been those surrounding ‘They have forgotten….,’ the booklet written by R.E. Palgrave. At the height of the controversy, there were, to my amazement, 120 hits in a single day. I absolutely do not court controversy, nor do I know why this topic has been so popular, but it certainly did build traffic.

Looking through the statistics of the blog I have found that some of my favourite articles have scarcely been read, perhaps because they do not have catchy titles that show up on internet searches. May I recommend

With God’s help I intend to keep going. The blog is increasingly being linked by other Reformed websites, and this is very gratifying. However, the purpose is not to become famous as a ‘blogger’ (if that is actually possible) but to help, to teach, to comfort and encourage my fellow-believers. If you, dear reader have been helped, or even if you haven’t, do let me know.


  1. Happy Birthday “Martin Marprlate Blog”! It’s always a joy to check up on your latest writings! May God bless your writings as you seek to encourage the people of God around the world!

  2. Steve ,
    I have found them encouraging and helpful.I admit to finding your blog through searching for a controversial subject (affirmation 2010), but have enjoyed the remaining content more.
    Keep going. BTW I agree with your letter in the ET. Perhaps you could post more here on the subject.

    God bless


  3. Thanks for your kind words, Jade and Martin.
    God willing, I shall persevere, and if I can encourage God’s people to come together in prayer, that will surely be worthwhile in itself.

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