Posted by: stpowen | August 11, 2013

Good News out of Africa

Proverbs 25:25. ‘As cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a far country.’

A most encouraging post from Zambian Pastor, Conrad Mbewe.

This is great news. Most of Africa seems to be taken up with the ‘Word-Faith,’ ‘Prosperity Gospel’ ultra-charismatic abomination which passes for Christianity. How wonderful if Africans will take to the true Gospel in increasing numbers and leave the nonsense behind!

Please be in much prayer or men like Conrad Mbewe and for the few Reformed churches in Africa. Please also pray for those organizations that are bringing much-needed training and books to African Pastors. One which I am pleased to support is Pastor Training International The work of PTI is absolutely vital (humanly speaking) if Biblical Christianity is to spread around the world and heresies be suppressed.



  1. Dear Brother Martin,

    I am not surprised at your finding common sense and true belief in Africa. In preparation for my Wycliffe Hall lecture, I was quite disgusted by what the English Christian Press had to say on the subject – it was worse than the secular – and found sound commentaries in the African press both Christian and secular. However, we have known for years that the so-called Western World needs pioneer missionaries. Dear African brethren, please come over and help us!


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