Posted by: stpowen | June 12, 2013

The Failure of Christendom (2)

2 Chronicles 20:12. “O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us, nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are on You.”

Following my last post, we now know that the House of Lords is not going to ride to the rescue of marriage in Britain. Indeed, the Lords seem no less enthusiastic about same-sex nuptials than the Commons. The Archbishop of Canterbury has hoisted the white flag after only a token opposition. The Christian Institute may still be whistling in the dark and talking up the prospects of defeating the Bill at some later stage, but the fact is that, barring some amazing act of God, the war has been lost, and we shall have the first homosexual ‘weddings’ probably by early next year. Whilst I certainly do not rule out the possibility God acting in some wonderful way, just at the moment He seems to have given the nation over to its sins (Romans 1:24). The repercussions of this will be great- much greater than most of us have imagined.

This will not be the first time that Parliament has legislated in direct defiance of the word of God. We have had the Abortion Act with its horrendous results, and the Sunday Trading laws for many years. But this seems somehow more serious because it has been driven by an anti-Christian agenda whose advocates are actually more interested in the total destruction of marriage {1} and the absolute marginalization of Christianity than they are in the supposed rights of homosexuals. To these people, men like the Bishop of Salisbury and the M.P.s who voted in favour of same-sex ‘marriage’ are like Karl Marx’ ‘useful idiots.’ They have no idea of the true agenda that they are supporting.

I claim no gift of prophecy whatsoever, but I confidently expect to see the following within the next five or six years:

1. The age of consent lowered to 12 or 13, with many people campaigning to have it lowered to eight or ten.
2. A further surge in the epidemic of STDs as homosexual relationships become more and more acceptable and widely practised (Rom 1:27){2}.
3. The legalization of polygamy and group ‘marriages’ (eg. Two men and three women). Once marriage becomes whatever people decide it is, the flood-gates will be open. The pressure may well be on by then to make sex with animals legal as a first step to introducing trans-species ‘marriages’ {3}.
3. The number of Gideon Bibles and New Testaments placed in hotels, hospitals and retirement homes to be decimated {4}.
4. A cessation of the teaching of the Bible in schools and the distribution of Gideon N.T.s to children to be ended.
5. The ending of charitable status for those churches that persist in refusing to ‘marry’ homosexuals.
6. A campaign to be well under way to have those verses which condemn homosexuality removed from new Bibles. Within ten years it may be illegal to teach from or distribute Bibles that have not been doctored in this way.

When it all happens, remember you read it here first. In my next article I shall consider what Christians can do about it, but you need not wait until then: the most important thing you can do is to pray.


{1} Way back in 1971, Peter Tatchell wrote in the preface to the “Gay Liberation Front” manifesto: “The oppression of gay people starts in the most basic unit of society, the family..…Formal religious education is still part of everyone’s schooling, and our whole legal structure is supposedly based on Christianity, whose archaic and irrational teachings support the family and marriage as the only permitted condition for sex…Yet although this struggle will be hard, and our victories not easily won, we are not in fact being idealistic to aim at abolishing the family…. the family unit …will not disappear….without a struggle…

Gay shows the way. In some ways we are already more advanced than straight people. We are already outside the family….We question however as an ideal, the finding and settling down eternally with one ‘right’ partner. This is the blue-print of the straight world which gay people have taken over…. we believe that the suffocating small family unit is by no means the best atmosphere for bringing up children.”

It has taken more than forty years, but Tatchell’s dream is poised to become reality.

{2} See, for example, Also, homosexuals are around four times more likely than the rest of the population to be HIV Positive. While that is not the death sentence it once was, thank God, it is necessary for such people to take medication for the rest of their lives and there are still around 700 deaths from AIDS in Britain each year, the large majority of them homosexuals.

{3} The word for this practice used to be ‘Bestiality.’ Someone has now invented a new, more ‘user-friendly’ word for it- zoophilia. No doubt before long anyone objecting to the practice will be called a zoophobe.

{4} There are already several secularist websites encouraging others either to demand a ‘Bible-free’ hotel room or to destroy or deface Bibles that they find in hotels.



  1. Just in case anyone thinks I’m crazy for suggesting that group ‘marriages’ might soon become legal, take a look at this newspaper article from Canada:

  2. Sadly Steve, This is all true. God has given us over to find out the consequences of our own folly.
    There will be an interested to see how this clashes with Sharia Law, whose influence is increasing. Let us remain faithful.
    Let us with S.M & A in Daniel yield our bodies in living for the truth.
    Yet we believe that Jesus will continue to build his church. The gospel will remain the only message of salvation.
    The wrath of men shall praise thee, and the rest of wrath shalt thou restrain.

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