Posted by: stpowen | April 27, 2013

Economics is NOT The Gospel, Archbishop!

1 Cor 2:2. ‘For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.’

This is now my third article about Archbishop Welby and I really would love to write something positive, but today I came across this:

He comes across as being far more comfortable talking about economics and politics than about the Lord Jesus Christ. He says, ” “My key mission is to lead the church in worshipping Jesus Christ and encouraging people to believe in him and follow him. That’s my mission.” Well why doesn’t he do it then? He is the man who gets interviewed regularly by the papers and on the T.V. Why doesn’t he make the most of his opportunities? Thousands of people are looking for meaning in their lives but are seeking in all the wrong places. Jesus Christ has the words of eternal life (John 6:68). Come on, Archbishop! Point us to Him!



  1. Martin,
    It is always disappointing to hear from these aparent evangelicals who find themselves in high office within the established church. My problem being a convinced non-conformist is that I do not see the monstrous organisation known as the church of England as being the church of Christ. The claim of it being a broad church gives the clue. There is no way other than Jesus Christ and Him crucified that is acceptable to God and effective for the salvation of mankind. Mr Welby is a personable man but is caught up in modern christedom which requires relevance rather than biblical truth and authority. I would not expect therefore any other than finance issues from a past financier. The last incumbant was a proud theologian and so therefore could spout to his hearts content deep doctrinal thoughts that were irrelevant to the cause of the gospel. There are of course really good men in the church and for them we are eternally grateful to God and we pray that they might bring revival to a church which generally prefers to promote social awareness rather than human spiritual bankruptcy. The church’s gospel of hope will bring I am sure some light relief on earth but never will it have eternal consequences. To secure their combined interests they might agree to have an apparent evangelical in charge but they make sure that his gospel voice is silenced by what can only be termed as trivia in the courts of heaven.
    I pray that if Mr Welby is a true brother in Christ then he will take off what appears to be a fine sheep skin coat and reveal the heart of a true follower of Jesus who is concerned for only the purity of the gospel, the true worship of God Almighty and a real concern for the salvation of sinners.
    Keep up the good work

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