Posted by: stpowen | December 24, 2010

‘Behold, The Great Creator Makes……

……Himself a house of clay:

A robe of human flesh He takes, which He will wear for aye.

Hark, hark! the wise eternal word like a weak infant cries!

In form of servant is the Lord, and God in cradle lies.’           Thomas Pestel (c1584-c1659)

May I wish all my readers a very happy Christmas.  Thank you for putting up with me, and especial thanks to those who have responded to my musings, whether positively or negatively.  It’s always good to get a reaction.

I’m aware that not all my readers will be fans of Christmas.  I myself often wish that we could let the world get on with its secular orgy in December and maybe meet together quietly sometime in January to give thanks simply and quietly for the wonderful gift of Christ.  However, the world is the way it is, and there is always the hope that someone will look upwards during all the noise and nonsense, see the wonder of it all, and come, like the wise men of old to worship the Saviour. 

For the following quotation, I am indebted to my dear friend, Don Abbot, of the Spurgeon Underground ( ).

‘If we do but consider into what state, and at how great a distance from God we are fallen; how vile our natures were; what a depravity, and how incapable to restore that image of God to our souls, which we lost in our first parents: when I consider these things, my brethren, and that the Lord Jesus Christ came to restore us to that favor with God which we had lost, and that Christ not only came down with an intent to do it, but actually accomplished all that was in his heart toward us; that he raised and brought us into favor with God, that we might find kindness and mercy in his sight; surely this calls for some return of thanks on our part to our dear Redeemer, for this love and kindness to our souls. How just would it have been of him, to have left us in that deplorable state wherein we, by our guilt, had involved ourselves? For God could not, nor can receive any additional good by our salvation; but it was love, mere love; it was free love that brought the Lord Jesus Christ into our world about 1700 years ago.

What, shall we not remember the birth of our Jesus? Shall we yearly celebrate the birth of our temporal king, and shall that of the King of kings be quite forgotten? Shall that only, which ought to be had chiefly in remembrance, be quite forgotten? God forbid! No, my dear brethren, let us celebrate and keep this festival of our church, with joy in our hearts.’

George Whitefield



  1. The Whitefield quote, in case anyone wants to follow it up, is Sermon XVI in the Works, “The Observation of the Birth of CHRIST, the Duty of all Christians; or the true Way of keeping Christmas.” The text is Matthew 1:21.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful blog. May we carry the blessing of the greatest and best of all gift though the coming year with us.
    Unto US a child is born, unto US a son is given.
    We believers have more to celebrate than anybody else.

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