Posted by: stpowen | November 8, 2009

A Covenant Hymn

There do not seem to be many hymns that articulate covenant theology.  Here is one from John Kent  that speaks very clearly of the covenant of grace.

With David’s Lord and ours, a covenant was made,
Whose bonds are firm and sure, whose glories ne’er shall fade;
Signed by the eternal Three in One
In mutual love e’re time begun.

Firm as the lasting hills, this covenant shall endure, 
Whose powerful shalls and wills  make every blessing sure:   
When ruin shakes all nature’s frame,  
Its promises shall stand the same.

Here the vast seas of grace, of love and mercy flow,   
More than the blood-bought race on earth can grasp or know.  
O sacred deep without a shore,   
Who shall thy wonders here explore?

Here when our feet shall fall, its mercy we shall see:  
Grace to restore the soul and pardon, full and free. 
We, with delight, shall God behold  
As sheep restored to Zion’s fold.

And when through Jordan’s flood our God shall bid us go, 
He shall our souls defend and vanquish every foe; 
And in this covenant we shall view                                                                                                             
Sufficient strength to bear us through.

John Kent, 1766-1843.



  1. does it go to a particular tune?

  2. The meter is 666688, so it would go to the tunes used for hymns like “Ye Holy Angels Bright”, “Rejoice! the Lord is King”, “Hills of the North, Rejoice!”, “My Song is Love Unknown” and “Hushed was the Evening Hymn”.

    I hope that helps.

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