Posted by: stpowen | September 5, 2009

The Covenants- Foreword

Over the next few weeks, I shall (DV) be posting transcripts of a series of talks upon the Biblical Covenants which I gave at the mid-week meetings of Exeter Independent Evangelical Church about three years ago.  In these lectures I proposed a slightly different way of approaching the covenants.  I offer this view very diffidently, being aware of the great body of work that has gone into covenant theology over hundreds of years, and will welcome comments.

When we arrive at God’s covenant with Abraham, I shall add a short discourse on the supposed connection between circumcision and baptism.  It seems to me that this is the major contention between Paedobaptists and their credobaptist brethren.  If it can be established that baptism is the successor to circumcision and that the two signify the same thing, then a case can be made for the baptism of infants.  If, on the other hand, baptism signifies something very different to that which circumcision does, then it seems impossible to insist upon paedobaptism since there is no example or precept of it in the Bible.


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