Posted by: stpowen | August 22, 2009

Hymn of the Week

Following on from my post on Repentance and Prayer, I’d like to share this hymn.    It is not found in most of the recent hymn-books, not even the ‘conservative’ ones like Christian Hymns, which shows perhaps what a lost chord repentance has become in our evangelical churches.  I found it in Psalms & Hymns of Reformed Worship, the hymn-book of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London.

The very first article of the very first document of the Reformation (Luther’s 95 Theses) says, ‘When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ said, “Repent,” He meant that the entire life of believers should be a life of repentance.’  When I come to power, every church will have to sing this hymn in every service until they get the message.

We have not known Thee as we ought,
Nor learned Thy wisdom, grace and power:
The things of earth have filled our thought,
And trifles of the passing hour.
Lord, give us light Thy truth to see,
And make us wise in knowing Thee.

We have not feared Thee as we ought,
Nor bowed beneath Thy watchful eye,
Nor guarded deed and word and thought
Remembering that God was nigh.
Lord, give us faith to know Thee near,
And grant the grace of loving fear.

We have not served Thee as we ought;
Alas!  The duties left undone!
the work with little fervour wrought,
The battles lost, or scarcely won!
Lord, give the zeal, and give the might,
For Thee to toil, for Thee to fight.

We have not loved Thee as we ought,
Nor cared that we are loved by Thee:
Thy presence we have coldly sought,
And feebly longed Thy face to see.
Lord, give a pure and loving heart
To feel and know the Love Thou art. 

Thomas Benson Pollock



  1. Just to say that this lovely hymn is also to be found in “Grace Hymns” (number 694) where it is set to a tune by Mozart.

    Every blessing,


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