Posted by: stpowen | August 21, 2009

Hello world!

So who in the world is Martin Marprelate?  Well it’s not my real name, but you guessed that already.  The real Martin was a secret writer of pamphlets in the 16th Century.  He satirized the Church and political establishment of his day.  You can read about him here.  I am a Christian, and it’s my intention, God willing, to write about the state of the Church and to comment on some of the madness that passes for Christianity in Britain and America today.  Also I am posting transcriptions of some of my sermons and maybe I shall write a little bit about politics in which I used to be involved some years ago.  The original Martin wrote at the peril of his life;  I write at no more than the peril of a few rude comments, but I feel a pressing need to do more than just gnash my teeth at the state of the nation.  ‘Cry aloud, spare not!  Lift up your voice like a trumpet;  tell My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.’ (Isaiah 58:1).  My voice may be more like a mouse than a trumpet, but I’ll do my best.
In ‘real life’ I live in beautiful Devonshire, England.  I am an elder at a free evangelical church and an itinerant preacher at some of the little churches in the region. I shall post some of my sermons here from time to time.  I am married to Mrs Marprelate and we have two grown-up daughters, Maisie and Mindy Marprelate and a  grown-up (most of the time) son, Monty Marprelate.   There is also Old Mother Marprelate who lives nearby and has taken to heart the saying that one should take care to live long enough to be a worry to one’s children.


  1. “I am married to Mrs Marprelate and we have two grown-up daughters, Maisie and Mindy Marprelate and a grown-up (most of the time) son, Monty Marprelate …”

    Hahaha. Very funny Steve. I hope to meet Mrs. Marprelate one of these days when you visit New York and Boston. :o)

  2. Great look Steve. I like it.

  3. I hope that Monty is doing well these days. Please pass along my greetings to the Mrs. as well.

  4. Really good, “Martin”! I must admit to never having heard of the “real” Martin Marprelate before – prior to finding my way back to the “Hello World” thread, I’d been trying to work out you’d chosen the name as an anagram of some theological phrase!

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